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The Free Folk of the Fringe Manifesto

The Free Folk of the Fringe is a community driven anonymous nomad society in the No Man's Sky universe.

It originated in the Ivja Cluster formerly known as the Ivjapendy Fringe and therefore in short known as The Fringe. It's open for everyone to join regardless of race, origin or religious belief.

We are a peaceful society with a focus on privacy and consuming NipNip.

Society or Civilisation?

We prefer the term society since civilisations in the No Man's Sky community tend to settle in specific regions. The Fringe People are a nomad society without a capital system, region or galaxy.

The Emblem

Although religion isn't really a thing in the society, the Fringe People speak very highly of the Comforting Recoil II, a mystic (and as of the NEXT era now lost) Multi-tool found during the Pathfinder era in the former capital G-18 Gala. The Freefolk's emblem features the characteristic night crystals of said Multi-tool.

The Motto

The motto of the Fringe people is “For the Fringe!”

The Purpose?

Our main purpose is to travel the galaxies in No Man's Sky and to post beautiful screenshots on the terrestrial internet.

The Census

As an anonymous society we are focusing on privacy and won't track the names of our people.

How to Join

If you want to join the Free Folk of the Fringe, all you have to do is stand up and repeat the following words to yourself: "I am now an official member of the Fringe!" You may feel a great disturbance in the Force afterwards but that's perfectly normal.