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# How to make an MDR team photo laser-etched cube (as shown on Severance)

1. Download this reference image:

2. Visit

4. Scroll down and choose Large. I can’t say for sure that this is the same size as the photo cube on the show, but my budget wouldn’t let me go any higher. It might be tempting to get a smaller size to save a little, but note that they indicate the number of ”figures“ that you can have in the cube. The large size is the smallest one that will support all four of our gorgeous Macrodat friends. Yes, it costs $249. Yes, I know that’s a lot for a crystal thing. Yes, I still want it anyway.

5. On the left, click Upload Photo. Then click the Gallery button to choose the image you downloaded in step 1.

6. It will appear majorly zoomed in at first. Change the zoom level from 35% to 17% and you should see the picture perfectly centered and filling the cube frame. Click Done.

7. Scroll down to complete the order. Staying faithful to the object in the show, I skipped the engraving, said "no, I don't need a light base" (and stayed strong on the modal window that begged me to reconsider), added it to my cart, and then checked out and paid.

8. In a few hours, you'll be asked to review the prepared work. Once you approve it, they'll begin production.

That’s it!